Album release party is on Saturday!

Hi all, Nick here.

Our album is being release this Saturday, and we are very excited for the album launch party at Il Motore on the same day. The show will feature Brad Barr and Rae Spoon so be sure to get there early! We are incredibly honored to share the stage with them.  The show will start at 9:30. Brad Barr will be playing first, and you DO NOT want to miss it. Believe me.

Folly and the Hunter’s set will also feature projections by Joelle Rouleau, and guest performances by Brad Barr, Andrew Barr, and Fjola Evans.

Get your tickets on Indie Montreal’s website:

Tickets 5 dollars!

As of the 5th of March, our album will be available on  Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon, as well as many other online distribution wesbites. Full details will be released March 5th.

See you soon!


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posted by nick on 03-01-11

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